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Mailias Mail Filter

PearlMagik's Mailias allows you to create e-mail aliases which forward e-mail to your one, real e-mail address.
    Create an e-mail alias for each website you sign up for!
  • You can determine who sent any piece of e-mail by looking at which e-mail alias the mail was sent to.
  • You can cut off spam by deleting the appropriate alias.

Note 1: E-mail will be forwarded to the verified e-mail address you had on file at the time the alias was created. That is, if you change your e-mail with PearlMagik all existing aliases will still forward to your old e-mail address.

Note 2: Once you create an alias you will not be allowed to change your userId.

No Guarantee of Service

Most of my e-mail goes through this remailer so I make an effort to maximize its availability, but use at your own risk.

No guarantees are made regarding the reliability of this service.

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